[CQ-Contest] Results of UA1 antenna query

Stuart Santelmann kc1f at adelphia.net
Mon Jul 22 23:34:44 EDT 2002

Hello everyone:

    I had several reponses to my question about the big HF station in St.
Petersburg, Russia, near the "Kissing Bridge".  For those who may be
curious, here they are:

-  One vote for "a Finnish businessman"
-  One vote for UZ1AWX, reported to be some of the same guys as RU1A
-  One vote for RZ1AWT, also reported to be many of the same guys as RU1A
-  One vote for "old city small QTH of RU1A", with the main one being
outside of the city
-  One vote apparently wondering how I could have thought such "small"
antennas could be RU1A, hi

I don't think it had occurred to any of us to talk to the WRTC competitors
from that area RW1AC or RV1AW to see how close they were to the city for a
possible eyeball and a beer at the hotel during our visit - next time, hi

                        best 73                Stu            KC1F

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