[CQ-Contest] removing FD residue

jljarvis jljarvis at adelphia.net
Tue Jul 23 10:47:42 EDT 2002


Thanks to you all for the inputs, on how to remove the
overspray of OFF from my laptop and radio, after Field Day.  
I thought maybe it'd be worth some quick feedback.

First, no soap removed the little white spots on the laptop case.

I was about to try denatured alcohol, in a small spot, when I decided
to give skin-so-soft a try, first.  It removes pine pitch and other stuff from
hair and clothing, so, maybe....  et voila!  

Three drops on a damp cloth, and some light rubbing...and the stuff
is gone.  Not only do I have a clean station, but it's the sweetest smelling
station in the neighborhood!  (be sparing, and wipe it down with a dry cloth

Next year, I'm going to provide a spray bottle with 50/50 of water/skin-so-soft.
That way, I'm reasonably assured it'll come off.  OFF will be banned from the CW tent!

For those of you who doubt the insect chasing properties of this stuff...don't.
a 50% sol'n w/water works well as a spray.  We use it in VT against black flies and
mosquitos, and in the Carribean for mustiques & no see 'ums.   Works great.

73, Jim, n2ea

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