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Tue Jul 23 13:32:02 EDT 2002

In a message dated Mon, 22 Jul 2002 4:54:41 PM Eastern Standard Time, ku8e1 at yahoo.com writes:

> I really don't think the ARRL has a clue about demographics.

    Actually they do. They spend money periodically to have 
in-depth subscriber surveys done. I have an older one and it's quite interesting. I think they got 2500 surveys back or something like that so I'd say the results are valid.

> Contesting
> and DXing are by far the most popular amateur radio activities and
> these two groups are the ones buying the products that are advertising
> in QST. 

    You're right on that. 

>  Does this mean we are now going to see great articles like "
> How to Effectively Ragchew on the 75 Meter Band" in QST ????
    Well, they'll be happy for you to send them a really neat article on contesting or DXing - they actually print some but you have to submit something. 

> Maybe someone can clue me in why the ARRL takes the 
> attitude that
> contesters/DXer's are the minority ????

     Uh...cuz they are?!?

Steve    K7LXC

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