[CQ-Contest] ARRL report on line scores decision

K4SB hamcat at directvinternet.com
Tue Jul 23 17:40:45 EDT 2002

Barry wrote:
> I find it surprising, and disappointing, that two of the directors, K1KI
> and N2FF, both of whom are contesters, voted to remove contest
> results from QST. While they are under no obligation to explain
> themselves, perhaps they would care to, anyway...
I agree whole heartily with Barry's comments above, but since "we"
elected them, I belive we are entitled to a complete explanation.
> Personally, I find QST of little interest of value.
Again, I agree 100%. Unfortunately, I am stuck with a life membership,
which at the price I paid, has been more than a great bargin. But, if
ARRL continues to fill its pages with "junk" devoted to the least
informed of amateurs, I will consider giving up that membership, just
to remove my name from the membership list.

I personally wish there was an alternative organization. I know that's
bound to be a wish, but I sincerely deplore the decline of this hobby
I have loved for 47 years.

I've said it before, but I believe the only way to change it is to
replace the Directors with those more representative of our interests.


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