[CQ-Contest] Re QST contest results

Jack Schuster w1wef at c4.net
Tue Jul 23 18:17:06 EDT 2002

Ed...if you want to transfer your life membership to me for what you
paid for it, I'd be  interested and I'm almost 65!

Too much is being made of this. The web reports are more thorough  than
anything ANY  magazine ever published. There WILL still be writeups on
contesting in QST. We get more than a magazine for our dues.I believe
there are something like 175,000 League members, and we are happy to see
3500 or so contest  log submissions for a contest.

Way back when, I handled traffic and read the section reports. Who
knows...there might be more people reading them than contest results!
Let's lighten up on the Director bashing over this. They don't get  paid
all that much.   :>)     JACK   W1WEF

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