[CQ-Contest] ARRL report on line scores decision

K0LUZ k0luz at topsusa.com
Wed Jul 24 12:50:51 EDT 2002

In a sense,  this is one positive for promoting more contest activity
because now the non-member who participates in an ARRL contest can see his
score published on the Internet.  As a non-member and not a recipient of
QST,  I assume it was difficult to find out how they had scored compared to
others in the same category.  This is what is called observing "the glass is
half full."


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Tom Osborne wrote:
> Pete Smith wrote:
> > Starting next January, "Section News" and contest line score
> > results will appear on the ARRL Web site >rather than in QST.
> Probably in the "members only" section, I suppose.

ARRL has been publishing contest results in Members Only for the first
month or so, but then moving them to the open section.  So non-members
have been able to get a free ride (if one were willing to wait a
month) - no need to join or to even buy QST to see the results.  I
suspect this procedure will continue.

Mike N2MG
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