[CQ-Contest] Contest/DX Program at Austin Summerfest 2002

Kenneth E. Harker kharker at cs.utexas.edu
Wed Jul 24 14:38:08 EDT 2002

     CTDXCC, the Central Texas DX and Contest Club, once again is pleased to
present an outstanding program at the Austin Summerfest amateur radio
convention in Austin, Texas, 2-3 August, 2002.  The program this year will 
feature one of the best DXpeditions of the past year, plus two different 
aspects of the popular IARU contest held in mid-July.

     The VP8THU/VP8GEO "micro-lite" back-to-the-basics DXpedition included a
proven international team to both the South Sandwich Islands and to South
Georgia on the RV Braveheart.  George Fremin, K5TR, one of the excellent
operators in the DXpedition, and the group's computer expert, will give a
personal view of his experience, and tips on cracking big pileups from the
home side.

     The program on the WRTC 2002 will be presented by Jim George, N3BB, who 
was a referee at the 2002 Helsinki, Finland competition, and a competitor at
the 2000 WRTC in Slovenia.  Jim will show photographs of the event and the
actual operation by one of the 52 teams, plus comment on the off-line
discussions during bull sessions, meals and tours.  He has some
recommendations on improving your contest capability as distilled from
years of contesting experience, and advice from the world class operators
at the WRTC.

     Richard King, K5NA, will present the W1AW/5 operation which honored the
Austin area by hosting the ARRL headquarters operation for the 2002 IARU
HF World Chhampionship.  Six terrific central Texas stations, K5NA, K5TR, 
N5CQ, N5TW, NX5M, and W5KFT operated the IARU as W1AW/5 on all twelve bands, 
both SSB and CW.  Learn about these stations and their operators, and how 
they did (which was very well), plus the innovative internet and logging 
system they used so that all six stations had the same database of log
information.  Learn about how they dealt with the bad storms which plagued 
the area during the IARU contest.

     In addition to the program, CTDXCC member Susan King, K5DU, will 
be on hand to check DXCC cards for the deserving.  Check out 
http://www.repeater.org/summerfest/ for information and late breaking
news concerning Summerfest.

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