[CQ-Contest] 15 days...not yet....

jim funk jfunk at adams.net
Sat Jul 27 11:49:33 EDT 2002

Though I am in sympathy with the desire to speed contest results to view, I
find the proposal to drop the log submission deadline to 15 days
post-contest to be in potential conflict with *last week's goal* of
recruiting new contesters.

Several times in the last year or so, I have had new contesters operate a
contest and then hand-deliver their paper logs to me so I could type them
into TrLog and submit them electronically.  Some of them don't have
computers (gaack!), some don't have e-mail, some of them don't have logging
programs, and some just didn't know how to handle the logs
post-contest....yet.  They are learning.  OTOH, they all were willing to
spend a bit of time in the contest and submit the results...somehow; and
they are invariably thrilled to see their calls in print (oops...we've been

      I'm not sure *I* can deal with that extra step (or two) and still make
a 15-day deadline.  What I *am* sure about is that we don't want to lose
these guys/gals that are just testing the contesting waters.

    Fifteen days?  Not yet, please.
73, Jim N9JF

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