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For operating at a multi, the biggest help is to get the final score
(and the ubn's, etc.) back so the guys can go through it and formulate
ideas for the next time while

  1) we can still remember what was going on in the contest

  2) while there's still time to engineer and implement changes for
the next one (which is not necessarily the SAME contest a year hence).

Ain't NO big rush at all. We're not dealing with anything that's a
RUSH here.

Just trying to get rid of the obnoxious, brain-numbing, slower than
molasses at the North Pole at Christmas, DELAY in seeing what you did
that we have been putting up with since forever. And get rid of AS
MUCH of the delay as is possible.

Imagine boarding a plane October 30 and not knowing if you made it to
your destination until the next September. Instead you get off the
plane and you have to call Dink to see what country your plane landed

Imagine having a Christmas present under your tree, but you can't open
it until next Thanksgiving.

Imagine closing on a house, starting the payments, paying the
insurance, but not being allowed to move in for ten months.

Instead, for reasons increasingly ENTIRELY artificial, doing a contest
is like starting a pregnancy. Lot of fun in a hurry, but you're going
to wait nine months to see what happened.

Even 30 days is a DELAY, no matter which way you add it up. Even for
the Post Office, 30 days is unacceptable.

Having the scores ready at Noon, Monday, next day after the contest,
THAT'S a rush.

73, Guy

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> I believe the most important aspect of getting the results out just
> the next running of the event is that it serves to motivate people
> operate again more effectively.  IMO, the League would help their
> by delaying their printed results.
> When am I thinking about CW SS?  Not in April.
> 73
> Bill, W4AN
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