[CQ-Contest] Re: making lemonade (was: ARRL report on line scores decision)

Alexander Avramov lz4ax at psu.edu
Sat Jul 27 21:40:12 EDT 2002

N2MG wrote :

> I don't think this is what makes a "membership" organization tick.  ARRL
> sponsors the contests precisely TO attract membership.  They don't have
> members so they can sponsor contests.  In fact,  there are plenty at HQ
> would rather not have contests at all.
> > I doubt if this is accomplished by penalizing non-ARRL entries.
> Since we're talking about lemonade, I'd say they don't penalize non-member
> entries, but rather,  they reward member entries.
> I'm sure it's no small thorn in the ARRL's side that non-members expect to
> be treated with the same respect that members are. Can't really fault the
> League for that.  And I really don't fault non-USA folks for not joining
> ARRL but I do fault them for expecting equal treatment (maybe that's the
> American in me talking?).  Sure, ARRL "needs" as many DX ops as possible
> operate in their contests in order to make the contests attractive enough
> that folks will have fun - fun which will inspire some of these same folks
> to become members.  If they ever conclude that fun-contests does not
> to new-members, bye-bye (ARRL sponsorship of) contests.
> 73 Mike N2MG


are you serious or  ...  just kidding ?


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