[CQ-Contest] pre-contest e-mails

jim funk jfunk at adams.net
Sun Jul 28 13:36:22 EDT 2002

K1TTT wrote:
""... But if
you really want to try to drag in the casual guys don't just send
reminders to log submitters.  Go collect all the calls worked in a
contest from the logs (maybe make that all calls worked more than
once??)  and look up email addresses from qrz, buckmaster, arrl
databases, etc and try to get the guys that didn't get interested enough
last year to send in a log back on the air.""

I actually did this the last two years for the Illinois QSO Party (coming up
October 20...mark your calendars....) and received a number of "Golly,
nobody ever invited me to a contest before" messages in return.  The
sponsoring club, RAMS, has been good enough to send the logs to me after
they're done with them so I can do some analysis.  If interested, check
their website:  http://my.core.com/~jematz/rams.html

73, Jim N9JF

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