[CQ-Contest] MSC Smart Keyer III vs AEA MM-3

john-k1rc at juno.com john-k1rc at juno.com
Mon Jul 29 16:45:45 EDT 2002

Hi all,

I have an AEA MM-3 keyer which is serving me 
very well. (Has yet to give me any trouble in years
of contest and general use)

I was surfing around to see what was new out there
and came across the MSC Smart Keyer III.

Spec wise, it looks pretty comparable to the MM-3
and I was wondering what users think of the Smart
Keyer, and if it would be worth "upgrading" to 
the Smart Keyer from the MM-3.

I've never seen any Smart Keyers for sale on any
of the swap pages, so can I assume the owners
are "hanging" on to the Smart Keyers as are
the MM-3 owners (like myself)?

Tell me what you think about either unit.
Thanks for your input.

John    K1RC

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