[CQ-Contest] K5KG Recuperating

TOMK5RC at aol.com TOMK5RC at aol.com
Mon Jul 29 20:05:39 EDT 2002

George, K5KG (J75KG) underwent brain surgery at the Mayo Clinic this morning. 
The surgery was successful. He is awake and alert and complaining. He will 
not be out of ICU for at least a day. When I get room information I will pass 
it along. He will be in MN for the next ten days.

Well-wishers might want to drop him an email at GeorgeK5KG at aol.com. 

Tom, K5RC

PS - He was not able to convince the surgeons to implant a Heil headset, 
while they were boring a hole in his head.

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