[CQ-Contest] IOTA Logging Software

david.e.burger at au.pwcglobal.com david.e.burger at au.pwcglobal.com
Wed Jul 31 11:29:02 EDT 2002

A neat lo-cost solution is the MS Excel contest logger - it can log ANY
contest, and anyone with basic Excel intro skills, doing sorts and
subtotals will let you calc the mults, zero score dupes and points quickly.
My version automatically does dupe checking, prefix tracking, zone
tracking, QSO rates and US state tracking and of couse QSO count tracking.
I wrote it for the CQWW and WPX, but it doesn't do cabrillo (easily) - I
heard there is a VB answer to that out there.

My dBase 3+ logger works in native cabrillo and exports the two near
standardised fixed and variable exchange formats for the international
contests.  It will log any contest, including IOTA, and will export a
logical IOTA style cabrillo file.  The cabrillo exports suit  IARU, CQWW,
NEQP, ARRL DX, Oceania, WPX, SAC & ARRL 10 contests.

I want to get these little programs up on a website somewhere - as I sure
many hams would like to use a basic logger without committing money to one
product (like me). If someone wants a copy of the code, happy to oblige. I
cannot help with providing the main Excel or dBase 3+, dBase 4, Foxpro etc
programs though.  But there is a free-ware Fbase database engine (US
Fisheries of all places and the Hotel Fidelio reservations engine) which I
understand will run my dbase 3+ code.

Keep in mind these are very basic loggers, and although I'm always tweaking
them (one version has Florida, Texas, New England and Californai QSO party
mult tracking) - they would get you started.

David VK2CZ / VK8AA  (k3hz at ieee.org)

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