[CQ-Contest] CW UBN

Gary Ferdinand W2CS W2CS at bellsouth.net
Sat Jun 1 08:19:02 EDT 2002

I'm by far no expert on the history of all this, but my impression is that
the assumption is made that contesters are prone to exaggerate their logs.
In the past with paper logs this was very difficult to find.  When it is
found, the QSO itself and a penalty is extracted.  Yet, situations such as
yours definitely exist where the victim/perp are reversed and the penalties
are not.

Now that most (all for CQ?) logs are submitted electronically, I think it's
high time to eliminate the penalty points entirely.  Just remove the QSO
(and mult if it be one) and recompute the score.  Guys in your situation
will still bemoan why the other guy didn't log you, but at least all you're
losing is the QSO and not having a penalty lumped on.  Anyone trying to
benefit by padding the log will of course have their work totally removed.
Seems fair to me.

I think the time for the penalty points, appropriate when finding fraud was
so difficult when paper logs were the norm, to be totally removed.  Let the
score reduction be computed solely on the basis of the submitted log, less
QSOs in error.

One man's opinion, of course :-)


Gary W2CS

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> Just reviewed my UBN and as I expected, most of the USA multis I
> called for
> the mult did not log me. There has to be a trick to this; I even
> asked many
> to please log for the mult. Problem is, not only do I loose the
> mult, but I
> lose qso points I never had. Stateside qsos are for mults only,
> correct? So
> why when a stateside multi doesn't log me do I loose 6 points per
> q? Common
> sense should indicate the big multi didn't call me but rather I
> called them;
> the error must be on their end so why do I get points deducted?
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> Dear Fellow Contesters,
> The 2001 CQ WW CW logs and UBN's are available to view at
> http://www.cqww.com  If you have any questions, please address
> questions at cqww.com .
> Please be reminded that the 2002 CQ WW contests will require the cabrillo
> format. This format allows for the saving of thousands of man-hours by the
> CQ WW Contest Committee in the adjudication of the logs.
> 73
> Bob, K3EST
> CQ WW Director
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