[CQ-Contest] New log deadline for ARRL contests?

Dave_Hoaglin at abtassoc.com Dave_Hoaglin at abtassoc.com
Tue Jun 4 13:15:25 EDT 2002

At Saturday's meeting of the Yankee Clipper Contest Club, Dan N1ND made a
lively and informative presentation on developments at the ARRL Contest
Branch.  Many of these have to do with contest coverage and are already
familiar to readers of CQ-Contest.

One change that was new to me is a shorter deadline for submitting logs for
ARRL contests --- instead of 30 days after the contest, it would be 15 days
after the contest.  (As I recall, Dan said that this would apply to the
2002 November Sweepstakes and later contests.  From later information,
however, it is not clear to me whether the change has been adopted or is
merely under consideration.)  Members of the audience had a number of
comments, bringing out pros and cons.  The discussion revealed the need for
flexibility (e.g., someone may enter the ARRL DX Contest as a DXpedition
during the course of a longer trip and not be able to send in the log
within the 15 days), and Dan indicated that he could handle such special

I'm curious to know what the broader contesting community sees as the
practical implications of such a change.

73, Dave K1HT

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