[CQ-Contest] Have Yourself a Little Pile-up Fun

Dale L Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Wed Jun 5 08:31:03 EDT 2002

Hear, hear!!!

I agree.

This was my first Dayton convention.

I would have loved to have particpated/competed had I realized that the
hospitality suite I was in (down the hall from the banquet room by the
elevators) was not THE hospitality suite where the real activities were
going on (is that where the door prizes were handed out, too?).

Oh, well...next year....

dale, kg5u

> * The concept and implementation are great. BUT! I searched and
> didn't find how to participate. ADVERTISE! A dozen pages tacked
> on the walls would have broughe a LOT more participants.
> \Good luck,
> Bill K6KM
> ****************************
> Chuck K0XM wrote:
> > Hi Ron,
> > I am a member of the KCDXC and will say tnx to everyone who enjoys the
> > pileup competition. Now for the good news...Last nite at our
> monthly meeting
> > we discussed making cd's of the sound files (including this
> years)along with
> > the answersheets and making them available. Once the final info
> is ready,
> > either I or Bill K0VBU will let you guys know.
> > Chuck/K0XM********

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