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I've got to get in another .02c worth.  Yes the holder of the call sign is
going to have to answer any citation issued for improper operation.  The
holder of the call has to have enough trust in the borrower that operation
will follow the rules.   The answer to a citation would, in most cases only
have to say that an error was made while in the heat of contesting and steps
have been taken to assure that this type of infraction will not re-occure.


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> Hi everyone:
>         Allow me to throw a match onto this dying thread.  I guess I'm in
> the minority on this one, and I'm willing to consider that my thinking is
> colored by the fact that I have a WPX-friendly callsign that's actually
> assigned to me !
>         Firstly, I'm not sure that some of the respondents addressed  the
> intent of the original question - either that, or I misunderstood it, hi.
> The original post referred to the increasingly common practice of a single
> op using someone else's callsign, when the licensee is in no way connected
> with the operation aside from "lending" the callsign, and the operation is
> clearly not at the QTH of the licensee.  From the responses so far:
> -  in N6TJ's example, it should be fine to use the DX station's call -
> his station, licensed to his QTH !
> -  in K4OJ's example, WC4E's call was used at a location not his own, but
> when I look at the ops listed for that operation, Jeff is listed as one
>     of the ops, and if I know Jeff, he was there for much if not all of
> weekend !  This practice has apparently been OK at least for 20 years.
> was THERE during the operation.
> -  in the NS0Z/K4VX example, I'm assuming that if they are married, they
> live together, and NS0Z's license shows that address as the QTH !   No
> problem with that !
> -  the Rex Maner / WR7HE post may be the only example that accurately
> reflects the original question...
> Do the FCC regulations really allow for this practice ?  I remember 30
> ago when we had to be very careful about signing portable, even when at a
> friend's house across town.  Then, I think about 20 years ago, apparently
> became unnecessary to sign portable, and then any US call could be
> in the USA.  Have we now gotten to the point where the callsign  used in
> contest doesn't have to give ANY information about the location OR the
> operator ?  I don't think this practice is acceptable for DXCC, for
> otherwise I could have gotten 5BWAZ from KC1XX a long time ago while never
> leaving my house !
> Consider this:  the operator using the call gets an FCC citation
> (unintentionally, of course), which is sent to the licensee, not the
> operator.  If it were your callsign being used, can you picture yourself
> saying "well, uh, gee, I really don't know anything about it - the
> wasn't at my house, and I was never there.  I let some guy use my call for
> the weekend..."
> I'm all for trying to get competitive advantages, within the rules.  I
> wonder if this one is something that we should be doing.  And, I mean no
> disrespect to my friends and fellow contesters who may have done this in
> past.  I simply offer my thoughts as fodder for possible discussion.
> If you're really looking for that advantage in WPX, trade in your primary
> call for a 2x1 !  They work just fine the other 50 weekends too !
>                                                         Regards
> Stu            KC1F
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> >      I know several big contesters who have "borrowed" the callsigns
> > of friends for use in the WPX contests.  They operate single-op at their
> > own station, but they just use someone else's (more desirable) callsign
> > (with the other party's permission, of course.)
> >
> >      I wonder how other contesters feel about this practice?
> >
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