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David Mueller n2nl at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 11 16:22:22 EDT 2002

Hello Zoli,
  Many of the big USA M/M stations have two stations
for each band.  They usually have a big stack for the
run station, and a smaller monobander on a seperate
tower for the multiplier station.  That explains the
signal difference.  Most of these stations, however,
run an interlock which prevents two signals being
transmitted on the same band.  I know for sure W3LPL
has such a setup and I believe K3LR and KC1XX probably
do to.  
  These M/M stations aggressively work any station
they can find, and any DX spot, all the while
continuing to CQ. However it has been my experience
that they do watch out and have methods in place to
prevent transmitting more than 1 signal on a band at a
   What you probably heard was a station CQing in one
spot, and happened to catch the mult station make a
QSO while the CQing station was pausing for a reply.  
   If you definitely heard a station transmitting more
than one signal in the same band, I recommend emailing
the sponsors.  If enough people complain, they'll do
something about it.  

73, Dave N2NL

--- Zoltan Szoke <ha5pp at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi Contesters,
> In the big contests (mainly WW) I often hear (A and
> B
> VFO) that multi and/or single (!) station calling CQ
> TEST (with a big signal) and same callsign „MULT”
> (S&P
> with a weak signal) goes back in same band same
> time.
> (I think there are 2 stations (signals) in same band
> same time.) That’s cheating. I have an idea to stop
> them (perhaps): if the CQ station gives a nr: 1
> after
> the zone or nr (59/599 151 or 59/599 0011) and the
> BACK station gives a nr: 2 after the zone or nr
> (59/599 152 or 59/599 0012) so then the contest
> committee can see clearly (?) the cheating: that
> and non mult QSOs in pileups (with 2 in 1s) in the
> log…
> What's Your opinion?
> 73
> Zoli
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