[CQ-Contest] Field Day and please copy

Tom HammondNØSS n0ss at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 26 12:00:35 EDT 2002

>I talked with Georgia ARES/NTS personnel and the phrase "please copy" did
>not come from them.

For what little I'm sure it'll be worth... Even though my operation has 
been 95% CW, I began operating in sectional phone nets in about 1959, 
though it wasn't until probably 1965 or so that I began hearing "Please 
copy" used by some operators. By the late '60s it was quite a bit more 
prominent (at least in the Midwest). I believe it's still seen regularly on 
a number of phone nets... usually local or sectional, rather than regional 
or larger.

Granted, it's not good operating procedure, but it IS something many ops 
have grown up with and will continue to do so until those who use it stop 
doing so.


Tom  N0SS 

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