[CQ-Contest] Field Day and please copy

Michael Gilmer n2mg at eham.net
Wed Jun 26 19:38:16 EDT 2002

Sweepstakes is a contest where the "you're" is kind of an intro to the
serial number, "You're number 123 Bravo", etc. and actually makes sense - if
that really matters.

I don't see the big deal.  The rate is generally slow for one thing and I'd
rather see many of the other non-contester-isms mentioned in these threads
dealt with before we worry about the "you're".  I would agree that a
newcomer should not be "taught" to use the phrase, but trying to rid an old
timer of it is a waste of time.  Besides, what would FD be without some

Is this all we have to complain about? ;-)

73 Mike N2MG

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> I think, for many people, the "please copy" acts as an instinctive
> between the callsign and the report in a situation where a signal report
is not
> required. We are used to giving a "59" before the required exchange, and
when we
> can't start the exchange with the standard "59", we want to replace it
> something else.
> You rarely hear "please copy" in ARRL DX or CQ WPX etc., where the report
> with a signal report...

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