[CQ-Contest] Re: (CQ-Contest) "It's not a contest."

Paul Playford w8aef at worldnet.att.net
Thu Jun 27 21:08:55 EDT 2002

Well, with one computer set to local time, another computer on Linux, a
third computer with the wrong date, everyone trying to run CT in windoz, a
triband yagi with defective traps, a generator that required the press of a
button (located behind the panel) in addition to reseting the circuit
breaker to bring it back to life.....

I received an email from a brand spanking new - one week old licensed - ham:

    Really enjoyed my 1st field day and sure appreciated all of the support
    from the Scottsdale club.

    Also was nice to have some time to talk with you and pick your brain on
    some of the technical questions that I'm struggling with, particularly

    Went to FD without any idea what I would be doing. Then, the opportunity
    to observe some real CW work appealed to me. What a treat to have the
    chance to work alongside Chris and Ralph. Was even starting to pick up
    on some of the code by the end. I came home and pulled out my keyer and
    made the connector to the HF rig and am now ready to make my 1st CW
    contact. Well, after a bit more practice...

This is what it's all about!

de Paul, W8AEF

and yes, ur 4A AZ

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