[CQ-Contest] Recommendations for good portable contest radio

Rick Tavan tavan at tibco.com
Fri Jun 28 16:35:02 EDT 2002

You may get several different opinions, but there is only one correct 
answer - the kit-built Elecraft K2/100! ;-)  At 5 pounds plus a 
switching PS (another 5 or less), it is one of the lightest and smallest 
you can carry. It way outperforms the commercially-built micro-rigs and 
even beats contesting's most lauded "big" rigs. The rx is terrific in 
pileups and beats the 1000MP even at home. They are hard to find used as 
the 100w version just came out at Dayton, but there are some QRP 
versions listed occasionally on the elecraft at qth.net reflector and 
elsewhere. (Be careful buying used kit rigs, though.) The QRP version 
can be upgraded to the /100 model with a reasonably priced "completion 
kit" which is, in fact, the only way K2/100's are built - first the base 
rig, then the amp. If you don't want to build your radio, there are 
excellent builders available for hire. See http://www.elecraft.com.

If the K2/100 is over your budget for a travel radio, just sell your 
current rig and use the K2 at home, too! I have a 930 and an MP and 
prefer the K2 for everything except working through non-contest, 
split-frequency DX pileups.

Elecraft redefines the vendor/customer relationship. Great Website, 
super support group including hundreds of disciples on the reflector, 
sudden response to customer needs, outstanding documentation, 
vendor-encouraged modifications database, ... the works!

I'm not related to anyone at Elecraft but I do know the principals well. 
They are friends and heros. If that disqualifies my comments, see the 
reflector for identical commentary from outside CA.


/Rick N6XI

Rick Stoneking wrote:

> All,
> Looking to get a radio that is a decent contest rig, but is reasonably 
> small and portable.  Do not want to spend a bunch of money (basically 
> looking to buy a used rig) as this will not be used a tremendous amount.
> Any comments from the group would be much appreciated.
> Rick
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