[CQ-Contest] AlfaSpid Antenna Rotators

VE6JY Don Moman ve6jy at freenet.edmonton.ab.ca
Mon May 13 05:57:14 EDT 2002

If you are thinking about a new installation or replacing an existing unit,
please check this out at Booth 205. I know rotors are always a major problem
and expense at any contest station, so we are pleased to present to you a
yet sturdy rotator with the accuracy you need for swinging those razor sharp
long boom yagis.
 I have had several on test here over the winter and they have been trouble
free. One is turning a full size 3 element 40m yagi  - the same one that
my "big" Wilson 1000 rotor last year.

 If you are not coming to Dayton check out
the information at  http://alfaradio.ca/alfaspid.html . There should be an
updated FAQ there shortly. I'm told that might be tomorrow, as we had a hard
crash somewhere.... If you have any specific questions you may email
me directly, but after Tuesday I'll be unavailable as we're enroute to
Dayton then.  We will also be around the Crowne Plaza hospitality areas on
Fri and Saturday evenings.

 As a special promotion to introduce this product to North America, everyone
that purchases one before May 21st will go in a draw to win back the price
of their rotor. If you are not coming to Dayton you still can get into the
draw by ordering thru the phone numbers listed on our web page. The rotor is
priced at $530US.  We will have a demo unit at Dayton (if the airlines
cooperate!) and will be taking orders for units that will be shipped when we
return home. Shipping costs are approximately US $25 to anywhere in the USA.

 The AlfaSpid rotor is a heavy duty antenna rotor in the same general class
as the HyGain TailTwister or the Yaesu G-1000/2800  but with advanced
digital features yet priced well under these and other competing rotors.
Mechanical complexity is reduced to a minimum by utilizing a simple double
worm drive system.  Position readout is sensed with a magnetic reed switch.
The controller features digital readout and a full complement of features.
Controller features may be upgraded in the future with a plug in ROM board.

Rotating torque is in the 1000 to over 3000 lb-inch range, with between 12
and 24 volts to the motor. At 24 volts I measured 3240 lb-inches (366 newton
meters)  This is significantly more than any rotor in the same price range
and even higher than other rotors costing nearly twice as much (Yaesu 2800
or Orion 2800)  Check out the rotor comparison chart at:
http://www.arraysolutions.com/Products/prosistelrotortable.htm  and then
compare prices.  Our rating for braking torque is 14,000 lb-inches or 1582
newton meters.

Rotor Features:

-Low voltage/ high torque DC gear head motor
-Rotating torque/speed:   1400 lb-in at 12v (120 secs) to 3240 lb-in at 24v
(60 secs),
-Braking torque: 14,000 lb in
-Quiet and powerful self braking action with double worm drive reduction
-Real steel housing and hardened final worm drive - not soft pot metal or
cast aluminum
-Uses inexpensive 4 conductor cable
-Sealed reed switch sensor technology for reliable all weather readout
-1 degree positioning accuracy - tight tolerances for minimal play
- Rated for large loads even when mounted outside the tower
-Designed for simple mounting to pipe mast  (2.6" lower, 2.1" upper)
-Adapters easily made to mate with HyGain or other bolt patterns
-Coax can pass thru center of rotor - prevents cable damage

Controller Features:

-Full selection of manual, automatic, scanning  and programmable modes
-Full manual available on line at:  http://alfaradio.ca/
-Digital readout to 1 degree accuracy
-Large easy to read soft green LEDs with flip down front panel cover
-Computer interface ability included (WriteLog, Mix W2 and others)
-Optional "mouse" style control with 6 user programmable presets
-Low voltage DC operation from any 12 volt source (typically 2-5 amps)
-Ideal for camping, dx'peditions, VHF/UHF rovering, etc.
-Simple optional adapter to allow use on VERY long and/or thin cable runs
-Can be zeroed at any position to allow for installation inaccuracy or mast
-Generous over-travel in either direction +-180 degrees with electronic
-small front panel to simplify stacking several units, takes up less space

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