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Just reviewed my UBN and as I expected, most of the USA multis I called for
the mult did not log me. There has to be a trick to this; I even asked many
to please log for the mult. Problem is, not only do I loose the mult, but I
lose qso points I never had. Stateside qsos are for mults only, correct? So
why when a stateside multi doesn't log me do I loose 6 points per q? Common
sense should indicate the big multi didn't call me but rather I called them;
the error must be on their end so why do I get points deducted?
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Dear Fellow Contesters,

The 2001 CQ WW CW logs and UBN's are available to view at
http://www.cqww.com  If you have any questions, please address
questions at cqww.com .

Please be reminded that the 2002 CQ WW contests will require the cabrillo
format. This format allows for the saving of thousands of man-hours by the
CQ WW Contest Committee in the adjudication of the logs.


Bob, K3EST
CQ WW Director

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