[CQ-Contest] Unsportsmanlike?

Jim Forsyth jim at forsyth.net
Mon Nov 4 11:07:07 EST 2002

A certain level of proficiency is required even to get your feet wet,
apparently he has not yet reached that. Perhaps it would be better to assist
him in improving his CW skills first.

Jim, AF6O

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> I've been working with a local fella on getting into "contesting."
> Everybody needs an elmer, so it seems.  After much encouragement and
> on my part, he gave it a go on CW during SS.  Below you will find his
> comments.  I've scrubbed his name to eliminate any embarassment.
> Ford-N0FP
> ford at cmgate.com
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> > Well, that was fun. I tried tonight to make a few cw QSO's, just to get
> > feet wet. Most of the stations were going way to fast for me. I did
> finally
> > find a couple that, after listening for a while, I was able to get their
> > call sign down. So, after they finished their CQ, I sent my call. I
> couldn't
> > get them to slow down enough to copy the other stuff, my repeated QRS's
> were
> > ignored. I finally quit when one guy slowed down enough to send "go
> > Great group of hams out there. I hope others had better luck. Anyway, I
> > stuck my key back in the box.
> >
> > See ya,
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