[CQ-Contest] Re: [WWYC] USB-Serial adapters?

Tobias Wellnitz T.Wellnitz at gmx.de
Tue Nov 12 10:40:51 EST 2002

Hi Richard,

I'm using a USB-> Serial adapter. I got it from the local
PC dealer. I can't tell you exactly the brand, but it
wasn't a popular company.

The adapter is working great. I'm using it for radio
controlling (TS850 or FT1000) with my notebook.

Even CW Out in comination with writelog is working
great on the serial adapter.

Zoli, HA1AG is describing on his webpage at QSL.NET
a PCMCIA controller which supplies you 4 (!) serial
Ports for quite a good prize ( I believe it was less
than $50). But I couldn't find a german dealer
who's selling the adapter.

Vy 73 Toby, DH1TW

Richard, M5RIC schrieb:
> Hello
> Has anyone had any experience with Sitecom(or any other) USB-Serial adapter? Looking to get one to use with a laptop so I have at least 2 serial ports for contests. 
> Any comments?
> Richard
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