[CQ-Contest] Short contest calls.

James Neiger n6tj at sbcglobal.net
Wed Nov 27 15:04:43 EST 2002

Yep.  I used to be able to recognize my friend Rag Otterstad's fist, and
knew that OZ8RO was coming next.  NOW, it's a blast of dots, and oops, it's
not Rag in Denmark, but now again LA5HE in Norway!

And, of course, most of us can remember when a VR2 was about to send a Zone
32 from Fiji!  But there you go again, VR2 has moved to VS6 and Zone 24.

Jeez, I guess we're all just going to have to get our code readers out.  And
maybe "ask" what the country is.

Short call signs are GREAT.  I truly hope we'll hear more of them.

Jim Neiger N6TJ  (lobbying for N6)

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> Calls like K2G & K7K are taking these Yank geographically meaningless
> callsigns too far...
> 73, VR2BrettGraham
> I could not agree more !
> Prefixes used to tell you where the station was.  No longer ! Too bad.
> 73
> Rag LA5HE
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