[CQ-Contest] Computer sound card keying

Igor Sokolov ua9cdc at r66.ru
Thu Nov 28 09:34:27 EST 2002

I have been using SBDVP for the last 4-5 years. It is designed to work with
TRlog and therefore integrates very well. The quality of the audio is
absolutely superb. Nobody can tell the difference between the recording and
my actual voice.
You can find  the reference to SBDVP on the official TRlog site.

73, Igor, UA9CDC

> Hi,
> Have decided that for Phone SS next year, voice keyer is NOT an option.
> mandatory.
> What do people like? What sound card DVK programs will take CQ and other
> start commands from TR?
> What are the options for hooking to radio? To two radios?
> I can figure out how to home brew a connection, but what commercial
> are there besides the West Mountain Radio units? If you have one of those,
> what do you do for the second radio?
> 73, kelly
> ve4xt
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