[CQ-Contest] Re: Changing score publication policies

corneliuspaul at gmx.net corneliuspaul at gmx.net
Tue Oct 1 10:41:49 EDT 2002

Hi Hrle,

>>I'm 19 and I know how young people talk about hamradio. 

A few years ago I said a similar thing on this reflector.
Tree, N6TR mentioned 
"it might have a lot to do with how it is presented to them"

which is a very true sentence. So it is a challenge to guys like us
to make some of our younger friends understand where the fun is 
instead of feeling bad and just letting them talk BS about something 
they dont actually know much of.

That requires a bit more of a positive attitude.
Which is missing in this whole discussion, anyway.

>>Things has to be changed and not stay like
>>they've always been, because times are changing.

Yes but you will never change anything in this world by just bitching.
You will only change it by thinking up something better.

You stated some very true and valid points in your emails.
See, you already changed N0FP's mind.

Now if you had to choose between writing the following 2 letters to CQ 
to explain what the problems are, in your point of view. 
In one letter you abuse them etc. 
In the other letter you find a nice and polite way to explain all your 
Which one do you think they are going to throw away unnoticed?

Well I guess it will still be quite difficult to change their mind but
I think you get my point.?

>> I'm 19, and when all those older guys past away I wonder who 
>> will I talk to?

Comon, dont be so negative.
I guess it is up to us to make this hobby stay around a bit longer.
It probably still has a chance. Like sailing has a chance in todays
motorized world, too.

BTW, I am now 30 years old. Damned, its going faster than you think :-)

73s and CU on the air! (which is where the real fun is, not in the stupid
results book... ;-))

Con, DF4SA


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