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Barry w2up at mindspring.com
Tue Oct 1 20:34:37 EDT 2002

If you do have money to spare, the most incredible operating chair is 
the Herman MIller Aeron. It's also dispalted as artwork in the MOMA. 
See http://www.hermanmiller.com/CDA/product/0,1469,c201-pss1-

They are frequently available used on Ebay, as a lot of liquidated 
dotcom companies bought them for their employees.

I've never had a sore butt or numb leg after a weekend of contesting 
using an Aeron. In the past, I've switched back and forth between 3 or 4 
charis thourghout the weekend, and even stood for a while.
Barry W2UP

On 1 Oct 2002 Tim Makins, EI8IC wrote:

> I needed a different operating chair - the old typist's chair I used wasn't
> really comfortable for long periods. No spare money to buy a new one... Then
> an idea occurred - car seats can be very comfortable, and I had a few spare
> in a couple of old cars on the property. So I removed one of the seats,
> found its centre of gravity by balancing the seat over a thin piece of 2"x1"
> wood strip whilst sitting on it, then welded a couple of 9"x2"x1/4" strips
> to the base. These were bolted to the old typist chair's swivel base, and
> hey presto, a brand new operating chair, very comfortable, and still with
> it's reclining back and headrest.
> If you are going to try this, there's one area that can be critical - the
> angle of the seat to the ground. If you look at the base of the seat on most
> chairs, i.e. the actual surface you sit on, it is generally parallel to the
> floor. However some car seats are not parallel, but tilt up at the front.
> You will need to correct this otherwise the front of the base will push up
> on the back of your thighs, which isn't comfortable over long periods.
> Typist's chair bases are very handy, for their wheels and swivel facilities,
> but if you don't mind a fixed chair, then a simple set of legs for your old
> car seat could be made out of a variety of materials, such as wood, rebar,
> tube, or box-section. If you've got a tidier yard than mine, and don't have
> old cars gently rusting back to nature, your local car-dismantler will
> probably be able to provide a variety of seats for small amounts of money.
> 73s Tim EI8IC
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