[CQ-Contest] Cheap QSL file cabinets

Dennis McAlpine dennis.mcalpine at verizon.net
Sun Sep 1 11:45:30 EDT 2002

Over the years, the cost of storing QSL cards has continued to rise and =
today a two drawer 4" x 6" file cabinet can cost $50 or more.  Looking =
for an alternative, I checked out the local OfficeMax and came up with =
what seems to be a viable alternative at a much lower cost.

OfficeMax currently has a sale on a plastic 6-drawer IRIS "Mega Chest".  =
It turn out thst these drawers are 5 1/2" high, just enough for most =
QSLs.  They are also 13' or so internal width, just wide enough for two =
rows of QSLs.  Total cost for one of these 6-drawer units is now $40 - =
and each drawer holds almost as many QSLs as the steel $60 two drawer =

To finish off this system, I use red or orange 4"x6" file cards (two =
cards per divider, to give some strength to the divider) between each =
country and sometimes within the same country, if there are a lot of =
cards, e.g. DL, UA, F, EA, JA, I, etc.  OfficeMax also has somestick on =
label tabs that I put on top of the divider cards.  It seems to work =

Anyone wanna buy an old 8-high 2-drawer filing system?


Dennis, K2SX

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