[CQ-Contest] Contesters with Yaesu 990 and 100D

Jim White k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Thu Sep 5 22:42:18 EDT 2002

tnx -

...for over a year now I have not had the station set up for SO2R, two 
rig changes as well as a station reconfiguration - wanna use the Sprint 
to get back in the groove...have done everything either single radio or 
multi-op since then and want the single op ability to return to SO2R.

...have acquired a Heil audio mixing box, now for the next question - 
since I have the two rigs at the contest site - not here - I would like 
to fabricate my cables for the audio ahead of timwe but do not remember 
how the audio outputs of the two following rigs (their speaker jacks) 

YAUSU GUYS, look on the back of your rigs for me - what are the speaker 

FT990 - I think this one is a push on RCA plug, have the service manual 
here and it looks to be that anyhow...

FT1000D - forget, am worried it is funky due to the dual receive option

I hope to use each as a monaural source to be mixed left into left right 
into right...so need to know if I need two push on RCA plugs one for 
each source or is the speaker output for the 1000D a 1/4" stereo or mono 
plug etc...

THANKS!  The station (and rigs) are at my folks place and if I can get 
an answer here I will be able to have the cable ready when I get there 
for the contest this weekend versus a last minute run to Radio shack for 
an adaptor or cable (please tell me neither of these is a DIN cable)


Jim, K4OJ

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