[CQ-Contest] Re: [SECC] Kenwood TS-830S problem

Dan/W4NTI w4nti at mindspring.com
Sat Sep 7 12:36:20 EDT 2002

Go get yourself some contact cleaner.  Spray all the switches and the small
interconnecting wire pins.  May can just pull them loose and stick them back

You probably have some corrosion from sitting around.  Humidity etc.   You
may also need to loosen any mounting screws on the PCB's and re-tighten


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>  Wonder if anyone out there is still using a Kenwood TS830S ?
>  I use mine for my 2nd radio when I do SO2R. I haven't used it for
> about a year since I didn't have a station set up. I am now putting a
> small station back together since we recently moved into a place where
> I can have antennas again.
> I am experiencing the following symptoms :
> When I first turn on the radio it seems like the receiver is almost
> dead. The CW Calibrator has no reading/or very low on the S meter.
> If you let the radio "warm up" for about 5 minutes or so the receiver
> starts to return to normal and the S meter readings seem to be OK. I
> have adjusted the ANT and MIX coils per the instructions in the manual
> but this has not resolved my problem. Maybe I need a new driver tube
> -12BY7A ???
>  Anyone ever remember having this problem ???
>                73's Jeff KU8E
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