[CQ-Contest] More contesters in VK

Bill k6km at cncnet.com
Thu Sep 12 22:32:47 EDT 2002


Yes, that is so true, and anything that can be done to
encourage VK contesters is worthwhile.

YET I am still at sea about new licensing and examination
teams. I've walked into the ACA offices in Cairns and
Brisbane with my US ticket and a wad of money and
received VK licenses within minutes. Ginny has done the
same. Friends have carried our papers and money into
other ACA offices and bought licenses without our

Has something changed? Please tell us how contesting
in Oz is being encouraged, and how we foreigners mightr
be enticed to participate in contests fom that
wonderful place. There's a seed of really good stuff
in your msg but the fruit remains obscure.

Bill K6KM, VK4AWS and other VK*

Survivor of the Todd River flood of 2001

david.e.burger at au.pwcglobal.com wrote:

> Hi guy's,
> Just wanted to draw attention to the photo's of the examination team !
> Contesting in VK has always been a challenge.
> :-}
> David VK2CZ  (k3hz at ieee.org)
> Sydney
> Bill <k6km at cncnet.com> on 13/09/2002 14:02:05
> To:    David E Burger/AU/ABAS/PwC at AsiaPac
> cc:    cq-contest at contesting.com, k3hz at ieee.org, bobol at optushome.com.au
> Subject:    Re: [CQ-Contest] More contesters in VK
> Well Golly Gee,
> David offered  what apears to be some enticing tidbits, but
> neither pursuing his cited website (below) nor sending a REPLY
> to the SENDER yielded anything meaningful. The REPLY
> was bounced. He shows up as k3hz in one of the data bases,
> and is included as a cc to this msg.
> David, if you have something to say to the group, please
> make it understandable and accessible to us.
> Bill K6KM, also VK*
> ***********************
> david.e.burger at au.pwcglobal.com wrote:
> > With the revised licensing arrangements in Australia we expect to see a
> lot
> > more international contesters arriving in Australia, especially in VK3.
> > Look at the official licensing and booking team:
> >
> > http://www.wia.org.au/about.html
> >
> > David VK2CZ/VK8AA
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