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utahfolk utahfolk at xmission.com
Fri Sep 13 16:32:14 EDT 2002

Towertalkers ... & ... Contest Ops ....

I just left the power company office here in town ... disussing plans to
install about
70 feet of R45 .... ground systems, MGN connections, etc ... inside my small
.....and in the process the following came up:

Hydraulic-installed anchors ... they have a hydraulic system that hammers 7
10 foot long 0.75 inch diameter anchors into the earth with a big plate at
the end
... when they reach the desired depth then they set them for the desired
by pulling against the earth to the value desired ... maximum value is like
lbs ... like a molly-bolt/screw thing you put in the wall, the plate at the
bottom opens
out and poof, you have a super anchor ... The name of the system they use is
MANTRA (???) ... and they said they would be willing to do the job for me !!

WOW & Double WOW ... when I consider I would have to put in four 3x5x2
concrete anchors down six feet plus buy the anchors ...  Putting screw-in
into this small cobble around here is just short of impossible !!!!!!

Power company Anchor cost is like $85+ install ...will be given quote soon

Is this too good to be true ???   Does anyone know about this or has used
these anchors?
These are the anchors the city uses to dead end transmission and
distribution poles ... which
can have requirements at least as much (probably MORE) than my tower would
ever need ...

Your comments/experience requested ...

If this comes true I will get the info and put it on the reflector ...
unless it is already here somewhere.

... de Dave nc7w / Brigham, UT

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