[CQ-Contest] IOTA Contest claimed scores

Donald Field g3xtt at lineone.net
Thu Sep 19 16:35:02 EDT 2002

I am pleased to say that, thanks to Justin G4TSH and Tim G4VXE, the claimed
scores for the 2002 IOTA Contest are now on the RSGB HF Contests Committee
Web page
(www.rsgbhfcc.org ). Sadly I seem to have defaulted several multi-ops to
single-op - this will be corrected in the next iteration, and will be OK in
the final results. Some paper entries have yet to arrive with me from RSGB,
but otherwise the list should be near enough complete. We will also put
Soapbox and some photos on the Web pages in the next few days. I am
delighted to say that, despite dreadful propagation over the contest
weekend, the number of entries is at a record high, and likely to end up
about 15% above the previous best. Anyone who sent an entry by e-mail, or
provided an e-mail address with their disc or paper entry, should receive an
e-mail within the next few days summarising what we believe your category,
section, claimed score to be. Any corrections should be sent to me as soon
as possible.

IOTA Contest Manager
iotacontest at rsgbhfcc.org and g3xtt at lineone.net

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