[CQ-Contest] Portable radio pack

Ken Cechura kcechura at umr.edu
Wed Sep 25 00:02:37 EDT 2002

I've been looking at tac-packs, expedition packs, and worldpackII's for
my 706...  I'm obviously not looking for it to protect the radio from a
trip down a flight of stairs (my computer needs that more, but I
wouldn’t GIVE it padding, because I would be THROWING it down the
stairs), but am looking for somehting to carry the radio, and possibly a
few small accessories (mic, power cords, TNC cables, maybe a lead acid
battery, pair of earbuds)... Basically to make it portable, i.e. grab
the pack, put it in the truck, and head down to the radio club shack if
I want to play radio for a while with my radio.

Does anyone have any experience with any of these that might be able to
offer me some oppinions as to which is the "best" of the three?

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