[CQ-Contest] Heil headsets and IC-781

Jim Idelson k1ir at designet.com
Thu Sep 26 12:26:59 EDT 2002

For the past two contest seasons I have been using Heil headsets with an 
IC-781. There is often some raspy distortion when listening to ssb sugnals. 
This distortion is not present when listening to the speaker, and appears to go 
away or reduce considerably when I use a pair of Walkman-type headphones. I 
heard the same thing when I plugged the Heils into a friend's IC-781. Anybody 
have a similar experience and any suggestions on fixing what seems like a 
mismatch problem?


Jim Idelson K1IR
email    k1ir at designet.com
web    http://www.designet.com/k1ir

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