[CQ-Contest] ARRL Contest Scoring service

jukka.klemola at nokia.com jukka.klemola at nokia.com
Sat Sep 28 09:44:20 EDT 2002

My 100cents = 1 Euro into the discussion:

In the 80's I just got my score in the more local Finnish
Then later I got CQ at home and saw my score earlier
for CQ contests.
My friends were calling me over phone to get to know
thier scores.

1990's was mostly the same, but sometimes some email
discussion revealed scores even before the magazines got
to distant-from-the-organiser Finland.

Now we get the results without subscribing a magazine or
calling to a friend.
Service from ARRL is better than ever before.

Still, the audience whistles.
I did, too, until I realised the service is better
than ever. ARRL is the benchmark in this arena.

It would be nice to have the scores available to all
at the same time, but so what.. we get the scores in
a fair time on-screen.

If I want to enhance service from organisations, I will
not start from ARRL as they have online-service for the
scores unlike some other organisers.
Scandinavians have a contest and I believe I will start my
actions in this field by improving that contest's services
to the audience outside Scandinavia.
I believe we can improve the SAC-online scoring system, too.
It should not be too difficult, I think we do not have one..


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