[CQ-Contest] Unsportsmanlike conduct

SM0JHF sm0jhf at chello.se
Tue Apr 1 00:58:17 EST 2003

One thing that puzzles me regarding an operator calling CQ CONTEST NO USA
in a contest that is sponsored by an USA magazine, the contest committee is all-USA,
the logs must be sent to the USA, the results will be announced from the USA etc. is
that most likely he was participating in another contest...

There is no other logical explanation.

Or is it the same kind of logic that is applied by him as by all those USA-haters all over the world
who will accept only American money ?  They hate America but they respect only American dollar.

A demonstration of this kind during an amateur radio contest on the air has about the same effect
as a suicide act committed in the desert with hope that the whole world will be watching... 
through a weather satellite.

Just shrug your shoulders

Henryk SM0JHF

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