[CQ-Contest] Unsportsmanlike conduct

Kari Ahokas ahokas at tkukoulu.fi
Tue Apr 1 12:02:14 EST 2003

Personally I find EO6F's effort rather pathetic and ineffective in every 
respect. I don't think there's any need to make an any bigger mountain out of a 
molehill as has already been made... Bad language is unacceptable of course, no 
matter what the reasons are.

By the way, what do you think about the American restaurant chefs who 
changed "French fries" into "freedom fries" in their menus when the French 
refused to play the game with American rules??

73 de Kari OH1HD

P.S. Let's not boycott anybody, not even those who call CQ DX outside Europe, 
even if I would like to get into the log...

Lainaus Barry  <w2up at mindspring.com>:

> On 1 Apr 2003 Igor Sokolov wrote:
> > > I have no problem with free speech, whether it agrees with me or not.
> > > I do have a problem with the venue chosen. I think of an amateur
> > > radio contest similar to the Olympics. Politics are put aside for the
> > > sake of the competition. Isn't contesting meant to be that way as
> > > well?
> > 
> > Barry, since you mentioned Olimpics please recall 1980 Olimpics in Moscow.
> > Politics are part of everything since long ago. Olimpics included. I think
> > the best behavior is  not to pay attention to such things and just work
> the
> > contest. Discussing this in the contest reflector just amplifies the
> matter
> > which is hardly worth while since that is not really a problem when just
> one
> > station does something stupid.
> > 
> > Igor, UA9CDC
> > 
> Igor,
> There is a difference between protesting by not participating, and 
> protesting by participating, but not following the spirit of the 
> game/rules. 
> 73,
> Barry
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