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> On a visit ot W7RM near Seattle perhaps 30 years ago I noted that the 
>  linears were all in a separate room (one for each band!) and the operating 
>  stations (bring your own Collins S-line!) were well isolated.  That with a 
>  dedicated station with antennas pointing right down the Straits to JA with 
>  Japanese speaking OP made for a very tough station to beat from the west 
>  coast. 

    Of course one of the secret weapons was the beach antenna - a yagi 
mounted on saltwater 200 feet below the bluff and pointed at JA. The bluff 
was a fabulous stateside QRM filter and allowed the ops to hear stuff no one 
else could hear. 

    The first major m/m operation from there produced until then unheard of 
numbers of JA Q's. The contest committee determined that working that many 
JA's was 'impossible' and dinged them hundreds of Q's as a result. 

Steve    K7LXC

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