[CQ-Contest] Unsportsmanlike conduct

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Tue Apr 1 15:19:20 EST 2003

At 09:56 PM 3/31/03 -0600, Barry Merrill wrote:
>"but one of the premises of contesting is that it requires
>cooperation of all stations involved."
>Independent of the irrational actions of an individual ham,
>politics have always been a hidden part of ham radio:
>not all countries can be worked by all other countries.
>When I operated BY1PK in 1984 I was required to agree
>that I would not work certain countries (4X4, BV, and
>two others that had pissed off the PRC that I can't
>immediately recall).  Last year at Dayton, the DXpedition
>to Syria reported they had had 24 hour monitoring to ensure
>that they did not QSO with 4X4, and I believe Syria is not
>alone in their restrictions in working 4X4s.

In the same vein, when I was HL9TM in 1966-67 all the Red World was off 
limits.  That led to some amusing scenes on SEANET when a net control in 
DU-land would check in both me and some 20-over UA0.  Somehow, we managed 
to find a way to exchange signal reports ("That last station was sure loud 
here -- Q5 S9 +20") and QSLs (via APO).  Political silliness!

73, Pete N4ZR
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