Fwd: RE: [CQ-Contest] EO6F & communism

Ron Feutz feutz at wctc.net
Wed Apr 2 15:25:32 EST 2003

Again from the Early 70's 75M, with a very un-PC religious twist:

"No lids, no kids, no space cadets,
No Quakers, no Shakers, no Breakers"

Ron - WA9IRV

>I'm certain I never heard W2OY, but I do recall the on-the-air use of the
>phrase as late as the late 60's/early 70's, generally in a humorous vein
>than actual seriousness.
>dale, kg5u
> > As I remember from late 50s possibly early 60s, the ditty went
> >
> > No WAs ( Double-U-AAAs), No WBs (No Double-U-Bees),
> > No Lids, No Kids, No Space Cadets, please....
> >
> > well, that's what I recall hearing him from my NNJ QTH
> > as WB2JDW back then.
> >
> > I think he finally became a silent key in early 70s
> >
> > 73, Dennis N6KI
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