[CQ-Contest] QRZ with no call

Mark Beckwith mark at concertart.com
Thu Apr 3 09:45:09 EST 2003

>I disagree that calling QRZ without a
>call increases the effective rate.

Have you used the technique?

>The time saved by not giving the call
>is virtually zero since it takes about
>the same length of time to give the call
>as to call QRZ.

That's why a savvy user of this technique will send "R" instead of "QRZ?"
Or, better still (giving away secrets here) a savvy operator will send
NOTHING and wait for someone to send their call.  Sometimes even a single
dit (like we do in the sprint) will get someone else to just send their

The technique works.  It doesn't just make you feel good or whatever - it
can keep your rate high.  When it stops doing that, then you change to
something else that works better.

The trick is to not do it enough times in a row that stations ask you for
your call.  Many have said they'll wait through a cycle or two before
getting too bent - I count on that when I am at the other end.  It works.

Besides, the original poster (I think?) already said he wasn't talking about
crack ops who know how to work it just right, but he was talking about
others who somehow got it in their head that it was a good idea but don't
really do it to their advantage.

Under the right circumstances it can keep your blood temperature up, which
is part of the game after all.

Mark, N5OT

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