[CQ-Contest] W2OY of years past.

Jim Monahan K1PX at msn.com
Thu Apr 3 14:26:54 EST 2003


Let me state that this note has nothing to do with whoever
presently holds the W2OY call.

The W2OY of the 1950's was a pesty critter.

I had several QSO's with him on 40 and 75 meters in those
days until one day someone broke in with a call that had
suffix letters that sounded similar. I made the "mistake"
of asking the breaker to phonetically spell his call for clarification.

Immediately, Ol' Mike started his CQ with "no lids, no kids, no
space cadets and no phonetic happy lids" right on the frequency.

If you were on his "list", he wasn't bashful about CQ'ing right on
top of you if he heard you on the air.

Yes, he died working on one of his antennas that was on top of a
telephone pole from a heart attack.

A K2, who knew him personally, told me years later that he was quite
the opposite in person. At his funeral, there were dozens of kids
who mourned his loss.

It was generally unknown on the airwaves that he was very active working
with kids and various groups in their behalf.

I guess you almost never really know who is behind the mike or key

Jim, K1PX (K1BNQ in those days)

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