[CQ-Contest] THE DAWG!

k3ft at erols.com k3ft at erols.com
Thu Apr 3 20:01:11 EST 2003

I don't know what's become of 'The DAWG'.  Ahh, but memories of Mike are fresh and 
strong even after MANY years.

I knew of him early on after I got licensed. I lived in Baltimore and Mike was active 
on 80/40 so he was quite readable at my QTH. Later on I went to work for FCC as a Watch 
officer at Laurel. All the watch techs around the Country knew of Mike and at Laurel we 
used to have an open case file on him. He was always causing problems. QRMing folks, 
being 'just on the hairy edge of breaking the rules' (and I mean on the VERY VERY thin 
and hairy edge which he slipped over once in a while and earned him a GOTCHA from His 
Uncle Charlie)  He LOVED to incite people to call him, debate him and then he'd make 
them purposefully angry so they'd lose it and go off on him. He'd just sit there and 
laugh at them, literally, on the air, and enjoy the 'button pushing' to the max.  Sadly, 
a couple of the ones he egged on, I had to cite for breaking the rules they accused HIM 
of breaking. Did not want to do it.. but the rules are the rules and I was impartial 
observer.  He was never foul mouthed or nasty.. just liked to egg people on, incite them 
to get angry and then enjoy the results of his nasty handiwork.

He took a picture of himself, holding the American Flag, while standing next to the Sign 
that stood in front of the FCC Monitoring Station in Laurel, MD. Had it on his QSL card 
and Somewhere around here I have one.

Colorful.. Like OY..irritating.. but not offensive.

Chuck K3FT

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