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Thu Apr 3 22:22:24 EST 2003

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> Several years ago during a thread very much like the current one
> N6AA made a post to CQ-Contest on this subject. 
> He has some very good thoughts on this topic.
> You can find it here:
> <A HREF="http://lists.contesting.com/_cq-contest/1998-July/014573.html">http://lists.contesting.com/_cq-contest/1998-July/014573.html</A>

Good points are made in the above post by N6AA.  I would suggest another 
criteria for "no callsign" operation:  How smooth was the just competed qso.  

A couple of "5NN 5" exchanges at 40 wpm (or faster on voice) take maybe 5 
seconds, so after a "TU" it's only been 10 or 15 seconds since the last qso.  
Not a big deal, if not too many such qsos happen between IDs.

But if the other guy sends his report 3 times with a straight key, corrects 
his callsign, sends with his left foot, etc., sending your callsign after 
that QSO becomes a lot more necessary.

73  -  Jim  K8MR

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