Fw: [CQ-Contest] QRZ with no call

Rex Maner k7qq at netzero.net
Fri Apr 4 05:26:38 EST 2003

I gotta disagree with the NO call  QRZ,  I don't like to tune across 10 M
for the 50 th time on Sunday and some  S.A. station who is s-9 here and has
about 10 callers who obviously are not vy loud to him strugles the get his
call, then Tnx QRZ,  I've been listening to 2 or so of these contacts and no
call,  Most of the time when I  say QRZ he has to respond because I'm not
gonna let him work another Q untill he has I.D.ed.
My time crusing the band is just as good as his I don't give a damn if he
has a 100 Q an hour rate.   Most of the time he is in my log already but if
not I want the chance to make the decision to QSY of stay for the Mult/Q

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> It seems clear that a distinction need be drawn between those who do the
> above well and those who don't.
> Having done it, I think, well, I guarantee beyond a shadow of a doubt that
> it increases rate, but only to the extent that you continue doing it well.
> If you do it too often in a row, then the number of people in the pileup
> don't know your call increases with every time you don't. That will slow
> down.
> There's no magic rule, IMHO, as to how often is not often enough: I think
> the experienced operator can judge the size of the pileup and gets a sense
> of which callers have been there and which are just itchin' to call again.
> And, if in responding to, say, K5TR, I hear part of what I think is a
> familiar call, I don't necessarily want to spend added time sending my
> again when what I want is to shut up as quickly as possible and let that
> caller try again.
> If you do CQ enough, and I'll admit that my perception is that most of
> complaints are from ops who primarily S&P, you do realize that there's a
> rhythym that you can detect to a pileup, one that you can capitalize on to
> improve your rate and the S&P rate of those around you. But it's not
> something you can take for granted. You do still have to send your call
> frequently enough that it doesn't get out of control.
> I'm not overly concerned if a newcomer to a pileup has to wait a call or
> to get my call: my main goal at that point is to work through the existing
> pileup as quickly as I can. If the other station needs me badly enough,
> he'll come back. I don't need to cater to every single caller in a pileup
> work it well and work it quickly and still maximize totals.
> If you get flustered at the first missed callsign, speak to your doctor.
> There are pharmaceuticals that can help.
> Within REASON, you do not have to send your call every time to maximize
> rate.
> 73, kelly
> ve4xt
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